Welcome to MCA Department of Sardar Patel Institute of Technology

Right from it’s first year in 2009, S.P.I.T. has been one of the sought college by students for MCA and is renown for its ongoing courses. Even though starting in year 2009 it has managed to excel quickly and with the highest cutoff this year it has shown a growth among the students all over.

Alumni Testimonials

MCA program in S.P.I.T. is an extensive program focusing on important aspects necessary to prepare students to become a mature information technology professional specializing in either in software engineering – application development, statistics & data science, testing or information security.
The 4th semester academia for mandatory internship is a wonderful path laid out for students to actually gauge their interest & capability to make better decisions later in career.

Sachin Gadagi
2014 - 2017
Software Engineer at JP Morgan Chase
Osama Iqbal
2016 - 2019
Nomura Services India